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Self Evaluation

My Self Evaluation

My favorite two articles are “Post Malone’s quick rise to fame through Guitar Hero” and “Artist Mac Miller posthumous album is released”.

Both of these articles took lots of research, but I was very inspired to write both. I have listened to Mac Miller for a while and was influenced to write it by another staff member who is a fan of him as well. The article on Post Malone is my all-time favorite. I have been a big fan of his work and interested in his journey in the music industry since my freshman year of highschool. All of his music is very interesting and all has a different sound to it.

As a gift I was given tickets to go see his show in Grand Rapids. I was very excited to go and was prepared to take lots of pictures and videos for documentation. 

I showed another staff member the pictures I had taken and she recommended that I write an article to show them off, and to review how the show went along with the new album he had just released. I was very inspired to write about it and learn more about his history when I was writing the article. I think that that article helped me improve my writing a lot. In it I showed different sides of Post, and his music style. 

Throughout the trimester I think that I have improved greatly. I consider myself to be a good writer, but I consider myself to be a good SCHOOL writer. Strict MLA format and essay type writing. This class gives you the opportunity to write about whatever you want which was very freeing, and interesting to deal with in a school environment. A large goal that I have for the next trimester is to try and create a comical article. I think adding some wit and sarcasm to your articles can gain a bigger viewing, and I imagine they are lots of fun to write. Along with a funny article, I want to make a podcast. I’ve thought of a few ideas but I want it to be informative, but still funny, and not a bore to listen to. 

This trimester in particular I learned how to change up my writing style based on what the topic I’m writing on. I’m excited to continue my journey through Newspaper and am excited for what my Senior year will have in store for the Newspaper staff. 

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