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About Me: Hi! I’m Molly! I’m a junior at Gull Lake High School. I enjoy writing, taking pictures and traveling. I would like to pursue writing and turn it into my profession. This is my first year on the staff and I plan on continuing to do it into my Senior year.

I was born in New Jersey, and when I was around 4 we moved to Michigan. In 3rd grade we moved to the Gull Lake area. I have been here sense and have grown to know the community and my peers.

In our newspaper class I do lots of review style writings. My favorites are ones on new music because listening to all different styles of music is something that I find very interesting. I’ve been able to write two extensive articles that have turned out to be my favorites. In my free time I really enjoy taking pictures. Although I haven’t taken any pictures for the newspaper yet, I would like to start soon. I am not an editor, but I still enjoy looking at and revising other staff’s articles.

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